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2017 Mystery Speaker


Can Dissatisfaction Relative to Perceived Importance Affect Extension Clients’ Landscape Management Practices?

Laura A. Warner, Amanda D. Ali & Anil Kumar Chaudhary

A Capstone Experience: Impacts of a Behavioral Style Learning Unit on Soft Skill Development and Team Dynamics

M'Randa R. Sandlin, Melissa R. Price & Kauahi Perez

Measuring Optimal Experiences of CANR Undergraduates in a Leadership Course

Michael W. Everett & Matt R. Raven

Agriculture Teachers' Integrated Belief Systems and its Influence on their Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Amber H. Rice & Tracy Kitchel

A National Analysis of School-Based Agricultural Education Involvement, Graduation, STEM Achievement, and Income

Aaron J. McKim, Jonathan J. Velez & Tyson J. Sorensen

Lessons Learned: Describing the Preservice Preparation Experiences of Early-Career Award-Winning Agricultural Educators

Lockie Breeding, John Rayfield & Kasee Smith

The Effect of Two Different Pedagogical Delivery Methods on Students’ Retention of Knowledge Over Time

Marshall A. Baker & J. Shane Robinson

Personal Resilience as a Predictor of Professional Development Engagement and Career Satisfaction of Agriscience Teachers

R. G. (Tre) Easterly III & Brian E. Myers

Examining Student Perceptions of Their Experience in a TBL Formatted Capstone Course

OP McCubbins, Thomas H. Paulsen & Ryan Anderson

A Measure of Self-Regulated Learning in Online Agriculture Courses

Boot Chumbley, Chris Haynes, Mark Hainline & Tyson Sorenson

Predicting Consumers’ Local Food Attitude with Personal Values and Local Food Online Videos

Shuyang Qu, Alexa Lamm, Joy Rumble & Ricky Telg

National Participation in School-Based Agricultural Education: Considering Ethnicity, Sex, and Income

Jonathan J. Velez, Haley Q. Clement & Aaron J. McKim

Organizational Change in the Land-Grant System: A Qualitative Evaluation

Kevan W. Lamm, L. Rochelle Sapp & Alexa J. Lamm

Agriscience education through inquiry-based learning: Investigating factors that influence the science competence of middle school students

Peter Skelton, J. Joey Blackburn, Kristin S. Stair, Natalie Levy & Thomas J. Dormody

Is There an App for That?: Describing Smartphone Availability and Educational Technology Adoption Level of Louisiana School-Based Agricultural Educators

H. Eric Smith, Kristin S. Stair, J. Joey Blackburn & Madelyn Easley

The Motivational Changes Pre-Service Agricultural Education Teachers Endure while Facilitating Quality Supervised Agricultural Experiences: A Six-Week Project-Based Learning Experience

Richie Roberts & J. Shane Robinson

Reflective Journeys of Five Women Agriculturists in Australia: A Qualitative Study

Carrie Ann Stephens, Amanda Dean, Shelby Brawner, Christopher Stripling & Danielle Sanok

Beginning SBAE Teachers’ Metal Fabrication Knowledge Needs: Implications for Teacher Preparation

Marshall Swafford & Paden Hagler

STEM Education at the Nexus of the 3-Circle Model

Marshall Swafford


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