The list of articles scheduled for the next issue is tentative.  A number of factors could alter this list including, but not limited to. a timely submission of the revised article and Publication Agreement forms.  The final decision on articles to be included in a specific issue and the order of publication rests solely with the JAE Editor.  





Jay Solomonson & Michael S. Retallick

Over the Edge: Factors Nudging Mid-Career Agricultural Educators Out of the Profession

G. Curtis Langley, John Tummons, & Tracy Kitchel

Influences on the Perceived Comfort and Training Level of Personal Protective Equipment in the [STATE] High School Agricultural Mechanics Laboratory

Blake C. Colclasure & Andrew C. Thoron

Experimental Studies in School-based Agricultural Education from 2006-2016: A Synthesis of the Literature in the Journal of Agricultural Education

Catherine A. DiBenedetto, Victoria Willis, & R. Kirby Barrick

needs Assessments for School-based Agricultural Education Teachers: A Review of Literature

Joy N. Rumble, Alexa J. Lamm, & Keegan D. Gay

Identifying Extension Agent Needs Associated with Communicating about Policies and Regulations

Sarah M. Cross & Sami Kahn

Science in the Garden: A Qualitative Analysis of School-based Agricultural Educators’ Strategies

Tyson J. Sorensen, Rebecca G. Lawver, Nicole Hopkins, Beth Jensen, Cassidy Dutton, & Brian Warnick

Preservice Agriculture Teachers’ Development during the Early Phase of Student Teaching

J.C. Bunch, Melissa Cater, Shelli Rampold, & J. Joey Blackburn

The Impact of a Short-Term International Experience on Undergraduate Students' Cultural Competency

Gary Moore

Identifying the First Generation Leaders in Agricultural Education: The Lost Stimson Manuscript

Mark S. Hainline & Trent Wells.

Identifying the Agricultural Mechanics Knowledge and Skills Needed by Iowa School-based Agricultural Education Teachers

Becky Haddad & Adam A. Marx

Student Perceptions of Soft Skills & Career Decision Self-Efficacy through Participation in SAE

Jessica Corder & Erica Irlbeck

Agricultural Communications Skills, Abilities And Knowledge Desired By Employers Compared To Current Curriculum: A Literary Review

Marshall Swafford

The State of the Profession: STEM in Agricultural Education

Anil Kumar-Chaudhary, Alexa J. Lamm, & Laura A Warner

Using Cognitive Dissonance to Theoretically Explain Water Conservation Intentions

Alexa J. Lamm, Jessica Harsh, Courtney Meyers, & Ricky W. Telg

Can they Relate? Teaching Undergraduate Students about Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues

Taylor K. Ruth, Joy N. Rumble, Alexa J. Lamm, & Jason D. Ellis

A Model for Understanding Decision Making Related to Agriculture and Natural Resource Science and Technology

Chris Clemons, James R. Lindner, Bruce Murray, Mike P. Cook, Brandon Sams, & Gwendolyn Williams

Spanning the Gap: The Confluence of Agricultural Literacy and Being Agriculturally Literate

Kelly Robinson, Donna Westfall-Rudd, Dr. Tiffany Drape, & Hannah Scherer

Conceptualizing Integrative Agricultural Education: Introductory Framework for Integrating Mathematics in Agricultural Curriculum

H. Eric Smith, J. Joey Blackburn, Kristin S. Stair, & Michael F. Burnett

Assessing the Effects of the Smartphone as a Learning Tool on the Academic Achievement of School-Based Agricultural Education Student in [State]

Kyle C. Gilliam, Matt Baker, John Rayfield, Rudy Ritz, & Glenn Cummins

Effects of Question Difficulty and Post-Question Wait-Time on Cognitive Engagement: A Psychophysiological Analysis


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