The list of articles scheduled for the next issue is tentative.  A number of factors could alter this list including, but not limited to. a timely submission of the revised article and Publication Agreement forms.  The final decision on articles to be included in a specific issue and the order of publication rests solely with the JAE Editor.  

Examining the Critical Moments in Information Processing of Water Conservation Videos within Young Farmers and Ranchers: A Psychophysiological Analysis

Laura M. Fischer, R. Glenn Cummins, Kyle C. Gilliam, Matt Baker, Scott Burris & Erica Irlbeck

Flipped Programs: Traditional Agricultural Education in Non-Traditional Programs

Ashley Yopp, Billy McKim & Megan Homeyer

Informing Urban Landscape Water Conservation Extension Programs using Behavioral Research

Laura A. Warner, John M. Diaz & Anil Kumar Chaudhary

Predicting Likelihood to Pay Attention to Agriculture-Related Issues in the News with Demographic Characteristics

Taylor K. Ruth, Quisto Settle, Joy N. Rumble & Keelee McCarty

The Influence of School-Based Agricultural Education on Pre-Service Agriculture Teachers’ Choice to Teach

Melissa L. Ingram, Tyson J. Sorensen, Brian K. Warnick & Rebecca G. Lawver

Eye-Tracking in Education, Communications, and Leadership: A Review of Literature

Holli R. Leggette, Amber Rice, Candis Carraway, Marshall Baker & Nathan Conner

Alternative Certification: A Solution or an Alternative Problem?

Amanda Bowling & Anna Ball

Assessing College Students' Motivations to Study Abroad through Expectancy-Value-Cost Models

Brandon Raczkoski, J. Shane Robinson, M. Craig Edwards,& Marshall A. Baker

Outcome framework for school garden program development and evaluation: A Delphi approach

John Diaz, Laura Warner & Susan Webb

Sustainable Water Management within Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education

Aaron J. McKim, Mark Forbush & Robert B. McKendree

Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities in Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources, and Science: The Role of the Teacher

Aaron J. McKim, Catlin M. Pauley, Jonathan J. Velez & Tyson J. Sorensen

Understanding Characteristics, Uses, Perceptions, and Barriers Related to School Farms in [State]

Misty D. Lambert, Josh Stewart & Kellie Claflin

Using the Six Americas Framework to Communicate and Educate about Global Warming

Melissa R. Taylor, Alexa J. Lamm, Glenn D. Israel & Shelli D. Rampold

Examining Study Abroad Involvement: A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis of Agriculture Teaching Faculty

Shelli D. Rampold, J.C. Bunch, Melissa Cater, Joey J. Blackburn & Michael Burnett

Successful Secondary Agricultural Programs Outside the Classroom: A View of Champions

Andrew Bolton, Don W. Edgar & Vinson Carter

Impact of Teacher Attire on Students’ Views of Teacher Credibility, Attitude Homophily, and Background Homophily within School-based Agricultural Education Programs

Catherine W. Shoulders & Lesley Smith

Evaluating First Year Agriculture Teachers’ Use of Reflection

Amanda Meder, Scott Smalley & Michael Retallick

Job Stress, Burnout, and Professional Development Needs of Mid-Career Agricultural Education Teachers

Amy R. Smith & Scott Smalley

Factors Contributing to Illinois Agricultural Educators' Final Decision to Leave the Classroom

Jay Solomonson, Debra Korte, Erica Thieman, Michael Retallick & Kari Keating

The Development of Preservice Agriculture Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge through a Greenhouse for Teachers Course

Amanda M. Wooditch, Amber H. Rice, Jason B. Peake & Eric D. Rubenstein



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