North Central

Jessica Blythe, West Virginia University (Term Ends 2017)

John Ewing, Pennsylvania State University (Term Ends 2019)

Jason McKibben, West Virginia University (term Ends 2018)

Jon Simonsen, University of Missouri (Term Ends 2017)

Scott Smalley, Iowa State University (Term Ends 2019)

Annie Specht, The Ohio State University (Term Ends 2018)



Catherine A. Dibenedetto, Clemson University (Term Ends 2018)

Alexa Lamm, University of Florida (Term ends 2019)

Eric Rubenstein, University of Georgia (Term Ends 2019)

Matt Spindler, Virginia Tech (Term Ends 2017)

Kristin Stair,  Louisiana State University (Term Ends 2017) 

Andrew Thoron, University of Florida, (Term Ends 2018)



James Christiansen, Texas A&M (Term Ends 2018)

D. Barry Croom, Oregon State University (Term Ends 2017)

Jeremy Falk, University of Idaho (Term Ends 2017)

Steve Rocca, California State University Fresno (Term Ends 2018)

Kasee Smith, University of Idaho (Term Ends 2019)

Debra Spielmaker, Utah State University (Term Ends 2019)





Harry Boone, West Virginia University, Editor

Tyson Sorensen, Utah State University, Assistant Editor



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