Taylor, S., Stripling, C. T., Stephens, C. A., Hart, W. E., Falk, J. M., & Foster, D. D. (2017). Advisory councils in Tennessee school-based agricultural education programs. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(2), 232-251. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2017.02232


Advisory councils are essential to successful, working relationships among school-based agricultural education programs and the surrounding community. The purpose of this study was to describe how school-based agricultural education programs implement and utilize advisory councils in Tennessee and to determine agricultural education teachers’ perceptions of program advisory councils. We found 76.5% of program respondents had an active advisory council. Respondents perceived advisory councils positively, however, most teachers felt they could better utilize their advisory council. The belief that the agricultural education teacher is the leader of the program’s advisory council was also implied.  Future research is needed to further strengthen methods to enhance the use of an advisory council. In addition, professional development programs focused on how to best establish and utilize an advisory council is recommended.



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