Baker, M. A., Culbertson, A. L., Robinson, J. S., & Ramsey, J. W. (2017). Seeing what they see – A photovoice analysis of exploratory early field experiences. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(2), 252-267.


The purpose of this photovoice study was to investigate what and how pre-service teachers conceive and make meaning of exploration observations of early field experiences (EFEs).  EFEs are vital components of the teacher preparation program and include all activities that occur in pre-service teacher education prior to student teaching, including exploratory observations (Retallick & Miller, 2010).  Process coding of 123 photographs and reflective captions led to five themes: (a) optimizing student aperture, (b) affirming the decision to teach, (c) identifying learning strategy outcomes, (d) balancing the three components of agricultural education, and (e) creating a felt need to learn.  Praxis included more purposeful inclusion of cooperating teachers as experts, distinguishing between an experience and observation, and seeking those observations outside of agricultural education classrooms.


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