Robinson, K., Westfall-Rudd, D., Drape, T., & Scherer, H. (2018).  Conceptualizing integrative agricultural education: Introductory framework for integrating mathematics in agricultural curriculum. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(4), 253-269.


A curriculum framework to support the integration of academic content to support students’ development of 21st century skills including critical thinking and problems solving skills is notably absent from agricultural education.  An integrative agricultural education framework is conceptualized through a review of literature in STEM education to establish integrative teaching practices.  A focus on the development of students’ quantitative reasoning skills through agriculture content hones the focus of the curriculum framework.  Quantitative reasoning is the ability to confidently approach unique and complex problems in a real-life context by applying mathematical skill, knowledge, and reasoning.  The integrative agricultural education framework developed was used to design an evaluative rubric for teachers, administrators, and curriculum designs to use as a tool for building both integrative teaching and mathematics into agricultural education curriculums intentionally and fluidly.

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