Corder, J., & Irlbeck, E. (2018).  Agricultural communications skills, abilities and knowledge desired by employers compared to current curriculum: A literary review. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(4), 177-193.


The agricultural communications academic discipline has existed for more than 100 years. In that time, approximately 40 academic programs nationwide have formed in some capacity to prepare students for success in the classroom and the workplace after graduation. In the past 25 years, numerous studies relating to the skills, abilities and knowledge employers and industry professionals desire in agricultural communications graduates, as well as the agricultural communications curriculum, have been conducted.  The purpose of this research was to review the existing literature from agricultural communications journals, conference proceedings, and theses and dissertations on the topic. This literary review examined 17 articles and found the most popular skills and abilities desired by employers over the years were written communication skills, character skills, visual communications skills, and oral communication skills. The skills found in the curriculum currently being taught were written communication skills, visual communication skills, and oral communication skills.

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