Swafford, M., & Hagler, P. (2018). Beginning SBAE teachers’ metal fabrication knowledge needs: Implications for teacher preparation. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(1), 287-296. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2018.01287


While agricultural mechanics, which includes metal fabrication, continues to be popular among school-based agricultural education (SBAE) students (Hubert & Leising, 2000), the number of required courses in agricultural mechanics for teaching certification in agricultural education is relatively low (Blackburn, Robinson, & Field, 2015).  Despite the minimal required coursework, Saucier and McKim (2010) argued that all SBAE teachers who instruct agricultural mechanics should be technically competent.  To ensure preservice teachers are technically prepared to enter the profession, this study, guided by the model for teacher preparation (Whittington, 2005), sought to determine the essential metal fabrication knowledge and skills which beginning SBAE teachers should possess prior to beginning a career in agricultural education.  Results from this study identified eight essential knowledge and skill areas categorized into four categories, metal fabrication equipment, metal fabrication production, student assessment, and laboratory management.  Preservice teacher programs should be evaluated to determine if they are effectively preparing teachers in the curriculum area of metal fabrication.  Teacher educators and professional development staff should plan professional education programs for in-service teachers in this agricultural mechanics area. 

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