Rampold, S. D., Bunch, J.  C., Cater, M., Blackburn, J. J., & Burnett, M. (2018). Examining study abroad involvement: A descriptive and comparative analysis of agriculture teaching faculty.  Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(2), 233-254 https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2018.02233


This descriptive and comparative study was conducted to explain agriculture teaching faculty involvement in and perceptions of study abroad. Further, faculty involvement and perceptions were compared based on the personal and professional characteristics of faculty. Faculty involvement in this study included a set of activities in which faculty may be involved in addition to leading a study abroad program. Findings revealed that faculty were somewhat involved in study abroad activities and perceived study abroad outcomes as important. However, faculty were slightly less convinced that studying abroad actually produces those outcomes among students. While faculty perceived increasing study abroad participation as a priority at the institutional and college levels, they agreed less with increasing study abroad participation as being a priority among administrators and colleagues in their department. Analysis of differences between groups yielded few significant findings, with the exception of the prior international experience acquired by faculty. Recommendations for future research include replication of this study with faculty from additional universities, as well as qualitative or mixed method approaches to further investigate inconclusive findings of this study.

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