Mars, M. M. (2016). The meaning and relevancy of innovation and entrepreneurship: An exploration of agriculture teacher preparation and perspectives. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(3), 55-69. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.03055


Innovation and entrepreneurship are central components of the nation’s current economic strategy and thus have direct influence over workforce competitiveness within agricultural industries and environments. In this multiple case study, the experiences and perspectives specific to these two components of 21 graduate students preparing or further preparing for careers as school-based agriculture teachers at three Land Grant universities are qualitatively explored. The study reveals how the participants generally understand innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as provides indication of how the formal, non-formal, and informal/incidental learning that takes place during graduate programs of study influence how the participants’ relate the two concepts to their future roles as school-based agriculture teachers. Recommendations for including principles and concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship in graduate-level agriculture teacher preparation programs are developed. 

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