Rubenstein, E. D., Thoron, A. C., Colclasure, B. C., & Gordon, J. A. (2016). Supervised agricultural experience programs: An examination of the development and implementation of urban programs. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(4), 217-233.


Urban schools and school-based agricultural education programs (SBAE) face challenges to engage students in the educational system. Specifically, urban SBAE programs face unique challenges engaging students in the development and implementation of SAE programs. While SAE continues to be considered a central component to the total SBAE program, a lack of research exists on the utilization of SAE in urban programs. Therefore, this qualitative study sought to identify factors present in the development and implementation of exemplary SAE programs in urban schools. Two urban SBAE programs were purposively sampled through a one-day on-site visit, focus group sessions, and one-on-one interviews. Through the use of the constant comparative method, five themes emerged from the data: 1) Engaged Teachers, 2) In-Class Supervision, 3) Student Interest, 4) Partnerships in SAE, and 5) Development of an SAE Culture. The presence of an SAE culture was found throughout the data and was an essential factor to the development and implementation of student SAE programs. The researchers recommend further investigation of the development of an SAE program and the development of a model to assist agricultural education teachers in successfully creating a culture for SAE in their local SBAE programs.


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