Heinert, S. B., & Roberts, T. G. (2018). A profile of exemplary rural agricultural entrepreneurship education programs. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(3), 291-308 https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2018.03291


Entrepreneurship in rural areas has been seen as a potential tool to mitigate rural outmigration. Entrepreneurship has long been a part of the comprehensive model for school based agricultural programs in the United States, often emphasized through Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs (SAEP). Using case study methodologies, this study sought to identify programmatic characteristics of exemplary rural agricultural entrepreneurship education programs. Results revealed: (a) entrepreneurship was taught Primarily through SAEP and (b) entrepreneurship was taught a limited amount through coursework. Results also showed that experiential learning related to entrepreneurship was seen primarily through four examples: SAEP, written business plans, scenarios, and Shark Tank type presentations. Recommendations for practice and future research are provided.

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