Sheehan, C. Z., & Moore, L. L. (2019). Trends and Impact of FFA Affiliation on National FFA Organization Student Membership:
A Secondary Analysis of Existing Data. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(2), 210-221. doi: 10.5032/jae.2019.02210

FFA, School-Based Agricultural Education’s student leadership organization, has experienced significant membership growth in recent years. From 1990-2010, FFA membership increased 31%, yet has experienced a similar increase (28%) in just the last eight years, the same time affiliation became a membership option. The purpose of this study was to examine recent FFA membership trends based on current membership options: optional dues-based membership and mandatory affiliation membership. A secondary analysis of FFA chapter membership roster records and annual state reports during the previous four complete academic years beginning in 2013-2014, was completed following the steps of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). As of 2017, over two-thirds (70.57%) of chapters are still dues-paying chapters. However, when analyzing membership type by FFA members, over half (51.54%) of all FFA members are members through affiliation. When looking at members within each region, the majority of members from the Central, Eastern, and Southern region are dues paying members while the majority of members in the Western region are affiliated members. Additionally, a stronger relationship may exist between national recognition and FFA affiliated chapters than for FFA dues; there may be a relative advantage in national award programs for affiliated chapters.

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