Wright, K. M., Vincent, S. K., & Epps, R. B. (2019). International Agricultural Education from 1975 to Present: A Research Synthesis. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(2), 153-172. doi: 10.5032/jae.2019.02153

With the increasing interdependence of international agriculture, agricultural education has, and will, continue to play a significant role in the success of all nations’ agriculture. The purpose of this research synthesis was to examine the literature on international agricultural education since 1975 to identify major research themes and determine if the transformative learning process is present. Inclusion criteria for this synthesis included a) publish date after 1975 in a peer- reviewed journal, b) address international agricultural education, c) demonstrate at least one stage of transformative learning, and d) be identified through search strategies. Seventy-one articles were identified. Themes in current research included studies on education abroad, explorations of other nations’ agricultural education systems, globalization of American curriculum, and extension efforts abroad. The most common stage of transformative learning present in articles was the critical assessment of assumptions. Recommendations include further research on the impact of international experiences on secondary agriculture teachers and to increase the use of the transformative learning theory (Mezirow, 1991) as a theoretical lens in international agricultural education research.

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