Windon, S. R. (2019). Predictors of Job Satisfaction Among Extension Program Assistants. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(3), 232-245. doi: 10/5032/jae.2019.03232

Social scientists viewed job satisfaction as a worker’s emotions and experience at workplace and his or her responses to that experience. The program assistants are essential extension employees who help extension educators recruit clientele and deliver educational programs. This study was conducted to determine the factors affecting program assistants’ job satisfaction. An online questionnaire was utilized to collect data from 149 Ohio State University Extension program assistants. Findings showed that employees job satisfaction does not relate to age, years of service, gender, children living at home under 18, education, program areas, and marital status. Approximately 98% of the variation in overall job satisfaction can be explained by program assistants’ satisfaction with pay, promotions, fringe benefits, rewards, organizational procedures, co-workers, the work itself, and communication. The employees showed less satisfaction with pay and promotions. Organization leaders and human resource development professionals should explore all possible alternative ways to enhance the job satisfaction levels of extension program assistants. Moreover, they need to consider addressing issues related to extension program assistants pay and promotion opportunities.

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