The list of articles scheduled for the next issue is tentative.  A number of factors could alter this list including, but not limited to. a timely submission of the revised article and Publication Agreement forms.  The final decision on articles to be included in a specific issue and the order of publication rests solely with the JAE Editor.  






2018 Mystery Speaker

Kelsey Sands, Adam Sacquitne, Scott Smalley, and Michael Retallick

State Wide Self-Assessment of General Program Standards for Agricultural Education

Tori Hendon, Mark S. Hainline, Scott Burris, Jonathan D. Ulmer, and Rudy A. Ritz.

Perceptions of High School Cooperating Agricultural Teachers on the Performance of Student Teachers

Mark S. Hainline and Trent Wells.

Identifying the Agricultural Mechanics Knowledge and Skills Needed by Iowa School-based Agricultural Education Teachers

Brooke L. Thiel and Adam A. Marx

The Influence of Agriscience Research SAEs on Perceived Self-Efficacy of 21st Century Skill Attainment

Amy Harder, Lendel K. Narine, and Ondine Wells


Organizational Priorities for Advancing Cooperative Extension in Urban Counties in Florida

Mason C. Jones and M. Craig Edwards

Competition as an Instructional Approach in School-Based, Agricultural Education (SBAE): A Historical Review

Will Bird, Amanda Bowling, and Anna Ball

The Role Reflection Plays in Enhancing Civic Responsibility Following FFA Civic Engagement Activities

Steven Boot Chumbley, Mark Russell, Mark Hainline and  David Ruppert

Teachers’ Confidence to Integrate Biology in Agriscience Courses

Catlin M. Pauley, Aaron J. McKim, Kevin W. Curry Jr., R. Bud McKendree, and Tyson J. Sorensen

Evaluating Interdisciplinary Teaching: Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education

James C. Anderson II, Tinesha M. Woods-Wells, Tommy M. Amal, Robert T. Bass, and Chantel Y. Simpson

Examining the Motivational Factors that Impact the Academic Achievement of Students Enrolled in a Comprehensive Urban Agricultural Education Program

Aaron J. McKim, Matt R. Raven, Abbey Palmer, and Ashley McFarland

Community as Context and Content: A Land-Based Learning Primer for Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education

Kasee L. Smith and John Rayfield


STEM Knowledge, Learning Disabilities and Experiential Learning: Influences of Sequencing Instruction

Christopher Clemons and James Lindner

Teacher Longevity and Fulfillment in the Secondary Agricultural Education Classroom

Peyton N. Beattie, Alexa J. Lamm, J. C. Bunch, and Lisa K. Lundy

Communicating with 4-H Stakeholders: Examining Social Media Use in Rural and Urban Programs


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