Volume 49 - Number 3 - 2008 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2008.03076



This descriptive correlational study examined the relationships between teacher immediacy and student motivation. Specifically, verbal and nonverbal independent variables were compared with dependent traits of expectancy-value and approach-avoidance motivation. Students selfreported perceived levels of instructor immediacy and self-rated their resulting motivation. The measures of verbal and nonverbal immediacy showed a substantial positive correlation with each other; nonverbal immediacy and expectancy-value evidenced a moderate association. In addition, approach showed a moderate positive correlation with avoidance. Results indicated immediacy does have an association with motivation, specifically nonverbal with expectancyvalue. Students also indicated a difference in immediacy between professors and graduate students. These differences yield important insight into ways instructors can analyze and reflect on classroom communication methods. This study provides useful, descriptive data indicating the need and direction for future research.

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