Volume 49 - Number 1 - 2008 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2008.01039



Technological advances have created unlimited opportunities in education. Training and technology have merged to create new methods referred to as technology-based training. The purpose of this study was to identify organizations that hire agriculture and life sciences students for positions involving technology-based training and identify competencies required for these positions from the perspective of the identified organizations. This study describes the technologies that the identified organizations were using to design and deliver technology-based training, the audience to whom the organizations were providing training, and the competencies that the identified organizations were seeking in potential employees. Findings from this study revealed a need for individuals with specialized skills related to technology-based training. Findings specifically suggest seven key competencies needed to work in technology-based training: (a) instructional design, (b) technology/computer skills, (c) the ability to conduct a needs assessment, (d) interpersonal skills, (e) writing skills, (f) planning and organizational skills, and (g) evaluation skills. Study findings lead one to conclude that students with expertise in these competency areas are more marketable in organizations that hire agriculture and life sciences students.

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