Volume 48 - Number 4 - 2007 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2007.04011



The written certification exam that accompanies the Gearing Up for Safety-Agricultural Production Safety Training for Youth curriculum was designed to partially meet the testing requirements of the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Order (AgHOs) Certification Training Program. This curriculum and accompanying assessment tools are available for national implementation. Psychometric properties of the exam were examined based on a sample of high-school agricultural education students, who were consistent with the population of youth for which the AgHOs were designed to protect from certain workplace hazards. The analyses included evaluation of score reliability (i.e., internal consistency) and the theoretical structure of the exam via confirmatory factor analysis. Reliability estimates were satisfactory. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the preferred theoretical model had adequate fit. Implications and future directions are discussed.

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