Volume 47 - Number 4 - 2006 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2006.04076



Project Food, Land, and People (FLP), is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that teaches about the interconnectedness of the environment, food, and society. Because teachers in Arkansas need to follow state guidelines, the curriculum was correlated to the state standards, revealing a systematic, thorough integration of academic subjects with agriculture. The FLP lessons address 75% of the Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) in the Arkansas Science Framework in grades K-4 (including 100% of life science SLEs), 66% of science SLEs in grades 5-8 (including 81% of life science SLEs), and 37% of science SLEs in grades 9-12 (including 63% of life science SLEs). FLP addresses 70% of the SLEs in the Arkansas Math Frameworks in grades K-4, 41% in grades 5-8, and 29% in grades 9-12. FLP addresses 69% of the SLEs in the Arkansas Social Studies Frameworks in grades K-4, 56% in grades 5-8, and 43% in grades 9-12. The FLP curriculum, consisting of 55 units, incorporates 45% of all SLEs in the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks in all subject areas in grades K-4, 35% in grades 5-8, and 25% in grades 9-12. Documenting this connection provides justification of program appropriateness for teachers to consider in adoption and implementation of this curriculum.

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