Volume 52(3) - 2011 - DOI: 10.5032/jae.2011.03050


This phenomenological study of early career agriculture teachers sought to determine the meaning early career agriculture teachers ascribe to their time. Seven teachers with a range of experience from mid-first year to beginning of sixth year were chosen. Interviews were used to make meaning of their time. Five themes were found in the information: (a) the day consists of patterns that vary depending upon the time of the year; (b) there is a conscious allocation of work time; (c) the process of managing time adapts and evolves over time; (d) personal and social time for the teacher is woven into or around work; and, (e) tensions exist between how teachers would like to spend their time and how they actually spend their time. Recommendations include taking stock of workload and personal time, identifying times that are most productive and adjusting their schedule to accommodate, developing a rhythm to their work, making decisions about how to spend time and realizing it is an evolving process.

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