Volume 52(4) - 2011 - DOI: 10.5032/jae.2011.04076



The primary purpose of this study was to determine the influence of self–esteem and selected demographic characteristics on academic achievement among students at the freshman level in the College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University. The sample of the study was all students at Louisiana State University enrolled in the Introduction to Agriculture course which was a requirement for agriculture students at the freshman level. Three instruments were used for data collection. The Adult Form of the Coopersmith Inventory was administered at the beginning of the first semester of college enrollment. A researcher designed questionnaire was used to collect demographic information. A third instrument was a recording form on which data from the Office of the University Registrar were downloaded and stored. Using multiple regression analysis, a significant model was identified which explained 7.7% of the variance in academic achievement. The variable that had the greatest impact on academic achievement was membership in a departmental student organization. The variables membership in a service organization, participation in sports, and the pretest self–esteem score also entered the model.

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