Volume 53(1) - 2012 - DOI: 10.5032/jae.2012.01095




The purpose of this study was to conduct an internal evaluation of the National FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event (CDE) through analysis of individual and team scores from 1996–2006. Data were analyzed by overall and sub–event areas scores for individual contestants and team event. To facilitate the analysis process scores were aggregated by National FFA regions. Since the population of contestants competing by states was known descriptive statistics were used to compare mean scores by regions. States from the Central Region having consistently placed teams in the top–ten include Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, and Iowa. Mean overall event scores ranged from 13.45 (out of 30) to 59.29 (out of 100). Findings revealed the scores posted by individuals and teams from the Central FFA Region were significantly higher than those of the Western, Eastern, and Southern FFA Regions. The variables of industry and marketing system score, explained 40% of the variance in the overall individual event score.

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