Volume 53(4) - 2012 - DOI: 10.5032/jae.2012.04055



The purpose of this study was to investigate student perceptions toward factors influencing Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) participation. This descriptive study was conducted in 120 randomly selected agricultural education programs throughout four purposively selected states representative of the National FFA regions. Within each state the programs randomly selected to participate were from FFA divisions characterized as having urban city–centers with outlying rural/suburban areas. Students in the programs completed a questionnaire assessing perceptions toward factors influencing SAE participation. According to findings of this study, each state had three prominent types of school SAE resources perceived available for student use. Almost all students with a SAE project believed their teacher encouraged every student to have a SAE, and most received SAE help from a teacher monthly. Factors such as agricultural education courses, parental and teacher support and encouragement, resources (money and facilities), and opportunities for awards and recognition did not seem to influence student SAE participation. Students did believe skill development from SAE participation would be beneficial to their future. Contrary to previous research, involvement in community and school activities did not seem to decrease student SAE participation.

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