Volume 53(4) - 2012 - DOI: 10.5032/jae.2012.04171



Cultural diversity in secondary and postsecondary agricultural education programs lags behind recent demographic shifts in the general U.S. population. An examination of the literature provides inquiries into the need for teaching of multicultural awareness and reducing the achievement gap between students of various cultures. This research sought to summarize current concern levels secondary pre–service teachers have toward teaching in a multicultural classroom. Multicultural Teaching Concern was calculated based upon the summation of four constructs: familial/group knowledge, strategies and techniques, cross–cultural competencies, and school bureaucracy. Results indicate sex, home residency, and academic major play a role in the overall concern displayed. Secondary agricultural education pre–service teachers are not as concerned as secondary pre–service teachers from other disciplines. Recommendations for the selected institution include the development of an agricultural education multicultural course; the implementation of cultural immersion projects for students within the major; and professional development in multiculturalism among teacher educators.

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