Volume 54(1) - 2013 - DOI: 10.5032/jae.2013.01139



The purpose of this experimental study was to determine which factors of human capital were valued most by principals regarding their decisions to interview candidates, based on teacher resumes. The findings of this study point to the fact that principals desire teachers who are academically rigorous. That is, they desire teachers who have strong grade point averages, have been recognized in honor societies for their academics, and have taken elevated, rigorous coursework above and beyond what a typical agricultural education major would be required to take. The sex and certification route of teacher candidates had no bearing on principals’ decision to offer an interview to the candidates. The fact that principals placed little value on certification type is concerning. It is recommended that this study be replicated in other states across the country to determine the prototypical agriculture teacher. It is assumed that the needs will vary from state to state. However, additional research is needed in this area.


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