Conner, N. W., Stripling, C. T., Blythe, J. M., Roberts, T. G., & Stedman, N. L. P. (2014). Flipping an Agricultural Education Teaching Methods Course. Journal of Agricultural Education, 55(2), 66-78. doi: 10.5032/jae.2014.02066


Flipping or inverting a course is a relatively new approach to structuring a course. Using this method, the lectures traditionally delivered during regularly scheduled class time are converted to a media for delivery online, often in the form of videos. Learners are expected to view the online lectures prior to class. Then in turn, in-class time is used for a variety of application-type activities. This study documents participants' perceptions of flipping an agricultural education teaching methods course. Based on data from a focus group, we concluded that the participants thought the flipped classroom approach aided their learning of the teaching methods and the teaching and learning principles presented in the course. However, the participants offered numerous suggestions for improving the flipped classroom experience.

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