Marx, A. A., Simonsen, J. C., & Kitchel, T. (2014). Secondary Agricultural Education Program and Human Influences on Career Decision Self-Efficacy. Journal of Agricultural Education, 55(2), 214-229. doi: 10.5032/jae.2014.02214



The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between career decision self-efficacy (CDSE) and components of the secondary agricultural education program. Additionally, the authors sought to describe secondary students' CDSE and career decision influences. This study's design was descriptive and relational and incorporated high school junior and senior student responses (n = 114) to surveys. Taylor and Betz' (1983) Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale, Short Form (CDSE-SF) was incorporated in addition to instruments developed solely for this study. This study's findings revealed secondary agricultural education students were mostly confident in their career decisiveness across all five constructs of the CDSE-SF. Participation in Career Development Events (CDEs) revealed low correlations with four constructs in the CDSE-SF. Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs) did not highly influence this group of participants' career decisions. The authors also discuss the perceived influence of identified persons and other components of the secondary agricultural education program based on student responses. Recommendations are made to teachers and parents to improve secondary students' career decision-making.

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