Masser, D. T., Falk, J. M., & Foster, D. D. (2014). Level of Agricultural Education Advisory Council Implementation in Idaho Secondary Agricultural Education Programs. Journal of Agricultural Education, 55(3), 116-131. doi: 10.5032/jae.2014.03116


Advisory councils are community-specific and are major components of agricultural education programs. This descriptive study was conducted to further strengthen what is known about advisory councils and provide a basis for continued improvement in local programs. The specific purpose of the research study was to describe how Idaho agricultural education teachers perceived and used agricultural education advisory councils. Findings included that 90% (n=85) of Idaho agricultural education programs currently had an advisory council. Overall, respondents had positive perceptions of advisory councils, but felt that the opportunity exists for the advisory council to have more influence on the program. The notion that the agriculture teacher is the leader of the program's advisory council was also expressed. Future research is recommended to investigate the barriers to increasing the advisory council's influence and ways to enhance the role of the advisory council in the program. In addition, professional development programs that share best practices on advisory councils should be developed to assist teachers in increasing the effectiveness of their local program advisory councils. 

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