Velez, J.J., McKim, A.J., Moore, L.L.  & Stephens, C.A. (2015). A nationwide assessment of the scope and impact of agricultural leadership education. Journal of Agricultural Education. 56(1), 116-126. doi: 10.5032/jae.2015.01116



Agricultural leadership education is an important component of agricultural education programs across the country; yet, a national study of the scope and types of programs offered has not been conducted since 2003. The purpose of the current study was to provide national and timely data regarding the scope and type of opportunities offered in agricultural leadership education. Of the 56 responding institutions, 41 indicated offering agricultural leadership education opportunities. The types of opportunities offered include leadership majors, minors, options, foci, industry programs, graduate student programs, undergraduate programs, and leadership courses. Leadership courses and minors were identified as the two agricultural leadership education opportunities with the highest student enrollment, serving an estimated 7,904 and 1,581 students respectively. Leadership minors were also found to serve the highest proportion of students outside of colleges of agriculture. Responding faculty members in agricultural leadership education perceived the continued growth of leadership opportunities within their institution. Additionally, the majority of responding faculty identified moderate to substantial support for their agricultural leadership education endeavors from their home department, university colleagues, and the agriculture industry.

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