Blythe, J.M., DiBenedetto, C.A. and Myers, B.E. (2015). Inquiry-based instruction: Perceptions of National Agriscience Teacher Ambassadors. Journal of Agricultural Education, 56(2), 110-121. doi: 10.5032/jae.2015.02110


To assist students in developing positive scientific attitudes and improve student scientific literacy, learning environments should utilize inquiry-based instruction (IBI). In order to further develop the implementation of IBI in agricultural education settings, this research sought to describe the perceptions of National Agricultural Teacher Ambassador Academy participants' transitions to IBI. Utilizing focus groups, this research identified three themes concerning the implementation of IBI: the perceptions of time required to implementing IBI, perceptions of the transition from former teaching methods into IBI, and perceptions of the reactions from their school environment of participants' implementation of IBI. Though participants reported initial personal and student struggles when transitioning to IBI, they also perceived that once students understood the processes associated with IBI students reported learning more than with other teaching methods. The findings indicate that a variety of professional development opportunities and supports must be provided for agricultural teachers implementing IBI in their classrooms.

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