Murphrey, T. P., Lane, K., Harlin, J., & Cherry, A. L. An Examination of Pre-service Agricultural Science Teachers' Interest and Participation in International Experiences: Motivations and Barriers.  Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(1), 12-29. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.01012



The importance of creating global mindedness within pre-service agricultural science teachers through international experiences cannot be overstated. However, providing opportunities for international experiences and college students selecting to participate in these opportunities are two very different actions.  Mechanisms must be put in place that can impact behavior and motivate participation.  The theoretical framework for this study was based on the theory of planned behavior and motivation.  Understanding why students do or do not participate in international experiences allows the development of programs to meet the targeted needs of students.  The purpose of this descriptive study was to investigate pre-service agricultural science teachers' perspectives of and motivation for international experiences in order to facilitate the development of effective international experiences.  The methodology employed mixed methods that included both an online survey and interviews.  The total population consisted of 39 college students of whom 31 completed the online survey and of these seven were interviewed.  Findings revealed a preference for travel to a developed country as a group as well as the importance of hands-on activities and advance planning.  The data provides suggestions for program planning and program preferences for college students preparing to be agricultural science teachers.

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