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Volume 50 - Number 4 - 2009 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2009.04098



The purpose of this study was to establish baseline data regarding the adoption of iPods and similar technologies by agricultural science and technology teachers. The population consisted of all agricultural science and technology teachers in Texas. A sample of 310 was randomly drawn from the population. Study findings reveal that while agricultural science and technology teachers have knowledge of iPods, mp3 players and related technologies, there is little support for them to actually create their own podcasts, use them in the classroom, or promote them for student use. It was concluded that teachers were generally "late adopters" or "laggards," while students were "innovators" or "early adopters." Both teachers and students alike have access to computers and Internet connections, with a large number of teachers reporting that students own iPods or mp3 players which could be utilized for academics. Teachers reported strong interest in pre-produced curricula and FFA materials, particularly for training materials for career development events, which could be used on iPods or mp3 players. Recommendations for encouraging teacher adoption and use of iPods and similar technologies were provided.

Keywords: iPod Use, Texas, Agricultural Science, Technology, Teachers

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