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Volume 50 - Number 4 - 2009 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2009.04001



This study identified and prioritized the agricultural in-service needs of introductory level career and technical education teachers in Utah. The Utah State Board of Education requires that all seventh grade students complete an introductory career and technical education course as their first formal career exploration experience. One component of the course is exploration of the agriculture industry. In order to effectively help students explore agricultural opportunities, teachers, most of whom have little or no formal training in agriculture, must be prepared in their knowledge of the agriculture industry and careers. To meet the needs of teachers, the state office of education has requested relevant, meaningful in-service. A survey based on the Borich needs assessment model was used to determine areas in which teachers need additional support. The "new and emerging technologies in agriculture" standard emerged as an area of weakness. Teachers generally held positive attitudes toward the importance of teaching agriculture, which should be used to promote future in-service programs.

Keywords: Agricultural, In-Service needs, Career and Technical Education, Teachers

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