Volume 46 - Number 3 - 2006 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2005.03056



The major purpose of this study was to identify what topics and curricular areas a master's level agricultural communications curriculum should include. Identification of the topic and curricular areas came from industry representatives and university faculty. A three-round Delphi technique was the principle procedure used to conduct the study with a total of 30 individuals participating in round one. In the first round, the panel identified 23 topics that should be included in a master's level agricultural communications curriculum: (1) Advertising, (2) Electives Pertaining to Major, (3) Emerging Issues and Trends in Agriculture, (4) Emerging Technology, (5) Graphic Design, (6) History and Philosophy, (7) Internship, (8) Legislative Issues, (9) Management, (10) Marketing, (11) Mass Communications, (12) Photography, (13) Professional Seminars, (14) Public Relations, (15) Publications, (16) Research, (17) Risk Communications, (18) Speech Communication, (19) Overview Courses, (20) Thesis, (21) Video and Broadcast, (22) Web Classes, and (23) Writing. Subsequent rounds produced 90 curricular areas within the 23 topic areas that were identified as potential material in a master's curriculum.

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