Volume 46 - Number 1 - 2005 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2005.01055



This instrumental case study compared the common themes of strategic intent from three strategic plans in agricultural education to current strategic thinking and beliefs of national leaders and policy makers. Eleven strategic intentions emerged from the strategic plans. Program and curriculum reform, as well as leadership and partnerships were mentioned the most in the strategic plans. There was a difference between the strategic plans and the national leaders regarding the need for programmatic, policy, and budgetary changes at the state and federal levels. The national leaders in agricultural education realized the importance of congressional visits, but questioned if their strategies were working. National leaders in education and agriculture stressed the need of agricultural literacy and awareness and funding opportunities within existing legislation. National policy makers stressed the need for more communications about agricultural education so that they are prepared when funding opportunities arise. The agricultural education profession should focus on policy changes and assess the effectiveness of implementing its strategic initiatives.

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