Volume 45 - Number 3 - 2004 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2004.03075



This study described the interests of agricultural education teachers in receiving educational programming at a distance, and identified selected factors related to their interests with implications for program delivery. The survey population included all secondary agricultural education teachers in Georgia. Data collection involved a mixed mail/Internet approach. Responses were received from 148 teachers (43.5% response rate). Subjects responded to 13 items, including rating selected items: "3" = "Very Interested," "2" = "Somewhat Interested," and "1" = "Marginally Interested." Nearly two-thirds of the teachers expressed an interest in pursuing additional education at a distance. Level of interest for receiving programming leading to a graduate degree exceeded the midway point between "somewhat" and "very interested." A moderate, positive relationship existed for teachers between one's interest in pursuing a graduate degree or a certificate program at a distance and one's readiness to enroll. A college-wide, "coherent" distance education program should be developed to address the expressed interests of this audience.

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