Volume 45 - Number 2 - 2004 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2004.02072



The United States Department of Agriculture incorporated the Small Farmers Outreach Training and Technical Assistance (2501) Program into the 1990 Farm Bill. It was envisioned that the 2501 Program would assist historically black land-grant institutions in addressing the myriad of needs and issues facing African American farmers through the provision of farmerspecific, individualized, technical and outreach assistance. This research article examines the experiences of 6 of the 27 small farm projects participating in the 2501 Program from 1994-2001. In particular, this study provides a qualitative case study analysis of the 2501 Program and the procedures used in the implementation and delivery of agricultural extension education to African American farmers. This research article addresses the following questions: (1) what did the 2501 projects do, (2) how well did they do it, and (3) how did the farmers experience the 2501 program.

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