Warner, L. A., Stubbs, E., Murphrey, T. P., & Huynh, P. (2016). Identification of the competencies needed to apply social marketing to Extension programming: Results of a Delphi study. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(2), 14-32. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.02014


The purpose of this study was to identify the specific competencies needed to apply social marketing, a promising approach to behavior change, to Extension programming. A modified Delphi study was used to achieve group consensus among a panel of experts on the skills, characteristics, and knowledge needed to successfully apply this behavior change approach within the context of Extension. Findings are comprised of thirty-seven competencies within eight categories: (a) Personal attributes; (b) Knowledge and understanding; (c) Research and analysis; (d) Communication; (e) Leadership; (f) Professionalism and ethics; (g) Program-planning, implementation, and evaluation; and (h) System thinking. Additional findings include identification of barriers and motivators related to the adoption of social marketing. The resulting competencies may be used for self-assessment, the identification of potential partnerships, and needs assessments to reveal educational opportunities and assist in the prioritization of future professional development.

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