Stair, K. S., Warner, W. J., Culbertson, A., & Blanchard, L. (2016). A qualitative analysis of teachers’ perceptions of Common Core State Standards in agricultural education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(2), 93-105. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.02093


After the implementation of No Child Left Behind in 2002, national educational standards reform has supported the idea that improvements in education can result from rigorous standards that uniformly evaluate learning. Educational assessment, however, is under increased scrutiny and teachers, students, as well as educational policy makers struggle to balance curriculum reforms. The purpose of this qualitative research study was to determine the perceptions of agricultural education teachers regarding implementing Common Core State Standards in their programs. Data were collected through five structured interviews conducted with agricultural education instructors adopting the Common Core State Standards curriculum within their classrooms and analyzed using the constant comparative method. Overall, teachers were positive about the implementation of Common Core State Standards in their programs; however, teachers acknowledged challenges to implementing these standards, including a sense of voicelessness and complacency. Teachers also expressed a perception of helplessness with the ever-changing cycle of educational initiatives.

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