Ahrens, C. A., Meyers, C., Irlbeck, E., Burris, S., Roach, D. (2016). Exploring agricultural communications students’ perceptions of communication apprehension and writing apprehension in the classroom. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(2), 119-133. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.02119


Employers have identified oral and written communications skills to be the most important skills graduates should possess when entering the workforce. In order for faculty to better understand their students’ oral and written communications skills, they should understand what apprehension the students have toward oral and written communications. Specifically, no studies have been found that explore communication apprehension (CA) or writing apprehension (WA) in agricultural communications students.The purpose of this study was to qualitatively explore agricultural communications students’ perceptions of CA and WA. Participants believe agricultural communications instructors set up an environment that is conducive to changing behavior. However, students realized and identified areas of improvement that could help them lower their CA and WA. >Recommendations for practice are provided in order to help alleviate CA and WA in agricultural communications students.


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