Ball, A. L., Bowling, A. M., & Bird, W. (2016). A case study of learning, motivation, and performance strategies for teaching and coaching CDE teams. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(3), 115-128. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.03115


This intrinsic case study examined the case of students on CDE (Career Development Event) teams preparing for state competitive events and the teacher preparing them in a school with a previous exemplary track record of winning multiple state and national career development events.  The students were interviewed multiple times during the 16-week preparation period before, during, and after the district and state CDEs.  From the interview data it was found the teacher used a variety of motivational strategies when preparing CDE teams.  The teacher shifted the use of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation strategies based on students' needs.  The teacher also utilized performance strategies including both coaching and learning strategies, to develop students' competitive drive and content knowledge.  From the findings it is recommended that CDE coaches assess students' needs and utilize the successful coaching behaviors and strategies accordingly.

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