Ball, A. L., Bowling, A. M., & Sharpless, J. D. (2106). An observational analysis of coaching behaviors for career development event teams: A mixed methods study. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(3), 101-114. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.03101


School Based Agricultural Education (SBAE) teachers can use coaching behaviors, along with their agricultural content knowledge to help their Career Development Event (CDE) teams succeed.  This mixed methods, collective case study observed three SBAE teachers preparing multiple CDEs throughout the CDE season.  The teachers observed had a previous track record of success at the state level with multiple CDE teams.  The teachers were observed twice on location during CDE practices and their behaviors were documented using an observational instrument. Following the observations, interviews were conducted with all teachers using the quantitative data to guide the interview questions.  Both sets of data were analyzed together and it was concluded that practice mechanics, content knowledge, and coach and team were key components to preparing CDE teams.  Separately, the qualitative interviews found the use of goal setting, as major component of CDE team preparation.  From the findings it is recommended that CDE coaches use strategies that align with practice mechanics, content knowledge, coach and team, and goal setting when preparing CDE teams.  

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