OP McCubbins, OP., Thomas H. Paulsen, T. H., & and Ryan Anderson, R. G. (2016). Student perceptions concerning their experience in a flipped undergraduate capstone course. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(3), 70-86. doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.03070


Flipped learning is an innovative approach to teaching at the post-secondary level. Traditional methods of initial delivery of curricular content occur before a face-to-face class session. Students must prepare before attending class, as the majority of face-to-face class sessions are utilized for applying curricular content to complex problems. A specific application of flipped learning, Team-Based Learning holds students accountable for the pre-class preparation via an individual test, as well as to their peers via a team test. Students engage and discuss curricular content on the team test as well as application exercises, which are rigorously designed activities aimed at increasing cognitive skills of the students. This study sought to determine student’s perceptions of a recently adopted, atypical teaching approach, known as Team-Based Learning in the Iowa State University capstone farm management course (AgEdS 450). Post-course quantitative and qualitative data were collected. Overall student perceptions were positive and supported the adoption of a student-centered course design. It is recommended that dedicated training workshops be developed for faculty members within Colleges of Agriculture that focus on student-centered instruction. Further examination of Team-Based Learning in other courses within Colleges of Agriculture, and Agricultural Education courses specifically, is recommended.

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