Murphrey, T. P., Odom, S. F., McKee, V., & Christiansen Wilkens, C. (2016). A qualitative examination of success factors for tenure-track women faculty in postsecondary agricultural education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(4), 54-67.


With the growing need for agricultural institutions to provide solutions to global concerns, environmental issues, food security and sustainable agriculture, competent individuals are needed to lead in excellence and innovation.  The role of gender in determining success in the workplace has been studied from many perspectives.  The purpose of this qualitative study was to document success strategies of women agricultural education faculty in postsecondary education, synthesize these strategies into meaningful and useful suggestions, and review these strategies using the framework of the Theory of Work Adjustment.  Data analysis involving a seven step process allowed confirmation of meaning and ensured that all concepts presented were included and accurately represented.  The synthesized summary of success factors resulted in three cross-cutting areas:  change is inevitable, reflect and prepare, and time management.  The remaining concepts were grouped into four primary categories: (a) workplace awareness and expectations, (b) proactive strategies to facilitate success, (c) internal actions, and (d) external actions.  Each of these four categories was further divided into context groupings that included: foundation, individual, cooperation, and balance.  The findings of this qualitative study are not generalizable, but results can be transferrable and have utility in our field.


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