Baker, M. A., & Robinson, J. S. (2018). The effect of two different pedagogical delivery methods on students’ retention of knowledge over time. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(1), 100-118.


The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of two contrasting pedagogies (i.e., experiential learning and direct instruction) on students’ retention of agricultural knowledge over time. A six-week deferred post-test was employed to assess long-term retention of the subject matter. The results indicated that initially, students who were taught both experientially and through direct instruction experienced a statistically significant increase in analytical scores, with the direct instruction treatment group outperforming the experiential learning treatment group. However, that increase was not statistically significant but was followed by a statistically significant decrease in analytical scores six weeks following instruction. Implications exist for preparing instructors to pace their lessons in a slower fashion to increase understanding and mastery of the content learned.

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