Colclasure, B. C., LaRose, S. E., Warner, A. J., Ruth, T. K., Bunch, J. C., Thoron, A. C., & Roberts, T. G. (2018). Student perceptions of accelerated course delivery format for teacher preparation coursework. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(3), 58-74


Acceleration of courses has been documented to achieve an extended academic calendar, financial benefits to universities, time savings for professors, and provide more flexibility for students. The purpose of this study was to examine preservice teachers’ learning experiences while enrolled in two accelerated teacher preparation courses. Results showed that students were dissatisfied with the accelerated course format and reported feeling stressed. Students noted challenges to meeting course expectations, but also indicated perceive benefits such as time management and realistic expectations for teachers. Additionally, students perceived they mastered the concepts from both courses. Although students did not prefer the accelerated course structure, the courses helped students gain the expected knowledge and skills. Based on conclusions of this study, recommendations include: (a) courses be reformatted back to the traditional semester delivery, (b) the curriculum design course be moved to the semester prior to the teaching methods course, and (c) universities should carefully review their entire teacher education curricula before adopting an accelerated class format.

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