Bush, S. A., Seibel, M. M., Corkins, C. R., & Elliott-Engel, J. (2019). Evaluating the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) program: Blogs as a reflection process. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(1), 268-282. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2019.01268


Leadership inquiry lacks robust studies designed to understand processes as opposed to outcomes. This qualitative case study explored the process of reflection through blogs to evaluate the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) program. We open-coded blog entries for reflection on capacity building and competency development through experiences within the program. Expanded thinking, competency development, and interconnectedness emerged as themes through a collaborative process. Additionally, we identified four subthemes within the themes: change, self-awareness, networking, and affiliations. The majority of intended VALOR program outcomes were readily discussed within emergent themes and the reflection process. The findings within this study support transformative learning and communities of practice as pathways for increasing knowledge and capacity to become change agents. Focus on increasing opportunities for participants to explore applications of newly created knowledge can benefit the program and overall development of participants and their communities.

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