Hendon, T., Hainline, M. S., Burris, S., Ulmer, J. D., & Ritz R. A. (2019). Perceptions of high school cooperating agricultural teachers on the performance of student teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(1), 41-58. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2019.01041


The profession of agricultural education is experiencing shortages across the nation. Texas is critically impacted due to the renewed emphasis of career and technical education. This leads to questions about the preparedness of recent college graduates to handle the demands placed upon agricultural educators. Starting in 2012, Texas Tech University restructured the courses within the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications to better prepare graduates. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the agricultural education program at Texas Tech University by examining the preparedness of student teachers as determined by the cooperating teachers. A survey containing the characteristics of effective agricultural teachers identified by Roberts and Dyer (2004) was administered to cooperating teachers of Texas Tech University student teachers. The cooperating teachers evaluated the importance of the characteristics and the preparedness of Texas Tech University student teachers. The results of this survey were analyzed using a Borich needs assessment model. Texas Tech University cooperating teachers perceived student teachers to be most prepared in the categories of personal qualities and community relations and found the student teachers need further development of skills related to the categories of Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and program planning/management.

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