Sands, K. R., Sacquitne, A. D., Smalley, S. W., & Retallick, M. S. (2019). State wide self-assessment of general program standards for agricultural education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(1), 14-40.


A quality program is the ultimate goal for many secondary agricultural education programs. To ensure quality agricultural education programs, standards were established to measure the extent agricultural education programs in Iowa were implementing standards. Utilizing Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior, researchers incorporated the Iowa Council on Agricultural Education standards as an evaluation tool. A census study was conducted in Iowa with high school agricultural education teachers (N = 255) to better understand the extent that standards outlined by the Iowa Council on Agricultural Education were being met in agricultural education programs. In the general program standard area, improvement is needed in the areas of utilization of stakeholders, program planning, and administration communication. The FFA standard area only had one standard not being met or exceeded while Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) standard area had all standards indicated being met or exceeded.

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