Cline, L. L., Rosson, H., & Weeks, P. P. (2019). Women Faculty in Postsecondary Agricultural and Extension Education: A Fifteen Year Update. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(2), 1-14. doi: 10.5032/jae.2019.02001

Women faculty membership in the American Association for Agricultural Education was 14.6% in 2003 and is now 21.9%. With strategic goals to build a more inclusive and collaborative culture within the association, the need to recruit and retain diverse faculty remains in agricultural and extension education (AEE). The purpose of this critical inquiry study was to provide an updated profile of women faculty in postsecondary AEE by describing the current organizational climate and mentoring experiences. Following the basic interpretive qualitative methodology, a census of women faculty in AEE was conducted. Four emergent themes described women faculty’s perceptions of the unique challenges, opportunities, and mentoring experiences in AEE: (a) contributors to a positive work environment, (b) contributors to a toxic work environment, (c) mentoring experiences in the profession, and (d) work-life integration. Women faculty valued encouragement, collaboration, transparency, and mentorship within the profession. Sexism, marginalization, and unhealthy competition were identified as barriers. Women faculty held three conflicting perceptions of work-life integration. Opportunities to create a more inclusive organizational culture with intentional mentorship for women faculty in AEE should be considered. Continued critical research to promote the inclusion of diverse faculty in AEE is recommended.

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